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Data Security

We go above and beyond to protect your information and data. Checking your credit score with the Better Credit app is completely safe.

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We Take Your Security Seriously


Bank-grade security

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Safe, secure logins

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Data encryption

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We won’t sell your data

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Rapid responses from our team

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We utilise the same security standards as Australia’s banks and regularly test our security.

Your account is protected with passwords, verification and biometric logins, and we continuously monitor for suspicious activities.

All your data is safely secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.
Your banking login details are never stored on our servers.

While we may supply credit information to bureaus when
you apply, when checking your credit score, we will never sell your personal data to third parties.

Please see our Privacy Policy regarding loan applications as different terms may apply.

Our team will immediately contact you over any security concerns, but you can contact them first if you need to.

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Your data is secured by Norton Your data is secured by McAfee

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How do you provide me with my credit score?

By either signing in or creating an account in the BetterCredit app, you should be able to opt-in to view your credit score for free. This process is entirely secure.

In your customer dashboard, you should see an option to ‘Track Your Credit Score For Free’. Hit ‘Track My Credit Score’ to grant us access to your credit file via an access seeker check. Don’t worry: this is a ‘soft credit enquiry’ and won’t appear on your credit report to other lenders and won’t affect your credit score in any way.

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Your credit score is provided by Equifax, Australia’s largest credit reporting agency. Your Equifax credit score is out of 1,200. We’ll never charge you to obtain your score from Equifax. It’s 100% free.

What we’ll never do…

For a quick summary, here’s a list of things that Jacaranda will never do to help you tell the difference between us and a potential scammer:

  • We will never message you from our social media pages – only our official communications channels
  • We will never message or call you from an individual employee’s personal social media account/phone number for anything related to obtaining personal information
  • We will never ask to screen share or to access your personal devices
  • We will never ask you to send us money outside our official communications channels – repayments are managed online or by speaking to one of our customer service representatives
  • We will never ask for any other form of payment, such as cash, payment to a personal bank account, payment via gift cards, etc.

Ready to take control of your credit?

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Ready to take control of your credit?

Signing up is easy, secure, and free. With the Better Credit app, you’re not just checking your credit score; you’re stepping into a brighter financial future.

Become one of the one million Australians whose credit scores we want to help improve. Download the Better Credit app using the links below and check your credit score today: it only takes a few minutes!

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Need a hand? Our customer service team are here to help.

If you have any questions, whether you’re a new customer or an existing one – our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you. At Jacaranda, you speak to a real human being every time.